People of different ages may be susceptible to different diseases and medical conditions, but the most vulnerable is the older population. The bones and organs of individuals in their 40s and 50s may start to weaken depending on the lifestyle, genetics, and diet they are following. At this phase, they may be experiencing difficulties in fulfilling tasks that require physical strength. The skin starts to sag too as it loses elasticity due to inadequate collagen supply in the body. This may lead to the development of wrinkles, crow’s feet, saggy bags under the eyes, and forehead lines, which may grow into a bigger concern among female individuals. Older people can easily get tired and may noticeably catch their breath even if they used to do the same routine during their younger years. An individual with a weakened body becomes the target of chronic diseases, and treatments available at the medical institution, if not invasive, are risky to undergo considering the capacity of an older individual’s body. All of these happen due to body degeneration.

But with the help of medical experts, a scientific breakthrough towards regeneration of cells, tissues, and organs has been made possible. Stem cell therapy restores the body by means of differentiation. The alteration of the stem cell to another cell type to respond to deficiencies has made waves recently in the field of medicine and is reportedly packed with numerous benefits:

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Restores the Youthfulness of Your Skin

Stem cells have the ability to restore the youthful appearance of your skin. Many clinics have been using stem cell therapy for aesthetic purposes, and it never fails to amaze how innovative and effective the therapy is for the patients. Safer than dermal fillers, stem cells are a more natural way to transform your sagging skin into a plumper, even and smoother skin.

Safe and Healthy Treatment

Stem cell therapy is safe and healthy for the body as the cells will come from a healthy donor or from your own body. Cells differentiate to adapt well to the environment where they will be relocated. Unlike major surgeries that intensively use foreign materials to optimize the body, stem cell therapy undergoes a biological process that fosters cell regrowth.

Excellent for Pain Management

Fractured bones and cartilage may cause excessive pain and inflammationdepending on the severity of the injury. Muscle tears are also a concern, and they usually happen to people with an active lifestyle. For fast recovery and pain relief, stem cell therapy is recommended for those who cannot afford days of recovery and want to immediately return to daily physical activity.

Providing Best Medical Care

The health and well-being of our patients and their health care team will always be our priority.

Help the Joints to Reach Their Full Potential

Joints that are not in good condition are being repaired by the cells throughout the therapy. Not only that, it increases the joints’ capability as they are as good as new when the therapy is completed. This means that an individual, especially those who are physically active, can perform explosively as if they did not tear any ligaments or joints. Stem cell therapy is also a popular procedure among athletes.

Disease Controller

Stem Cell Therapy extends its benefits even to kidney, lung, and heart diseases. This therapy has the ability to replace damaged tissues from different organs, so it lessens the severity or even completely eradicates the symptoms and disease itself. This therapy is proven to help with chronic conditions too, such as Parkinson’s Disease, lymphoma, leukemia, and diabetes.

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