Our body’s ability to self-regenerate every time we incur wounds and injuries plays an important role in our everyday life. The attempt of our body to regain optimal health by repairing itself increases our chance of survival by making us less susceptible to infections and diseases that may affect the normal functioning of the body. However, as our body ages, our tissues and organs weaken. The series of degeneration inside our body can result in a total meltdown, which may lead to malfunctioning. Furthermore, when an individual leads an unhealthy lifestyle, the risk of developing incurable diseases increases, and the simple regeneration of our bodies is insufficient to address the growing problem of vulnerability as the weakening worsens.

Fortunately, medical science has found a safe and promising treatment to cure body degeneration. Experts in the medical field have developed regenerative medicines to restore tissues and organs that are heavily affected by diseases through biological processes. There are many regenerative therapies offered at present. Regenerative therapy can be administered as simple as injections or it may come in the form of human tissue transplant, through a cellular therapy, through gene-based therapy, and lastly, through tissue engineering.

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Lower Cost, Lower Risk.

Undergoing regenerative medicine therapy can potentially relieve you from having to undergo major surgeries. By restoring the damaged tissues and organs in the most harmless way possible, regenerative medicine can put your health back to normal functioning. Not only is it less expensive, it also offers fewer risks. Unlike replacements using implants made of plastic, steel, or ceramic, in regenerative medicine, the patient will receive cells extracted from a donor or autologously. Receiving cells is not new as it is inherent to the body. Having replacements through surgery can cause infection and failure, which may require you to stay longer in the hospital bed.

No Time For Downtime? No problem.

Now that the world seems to be busy, people want to get things done as quickly as possible. Since regenerative medicines are non-operative, patients can have minimal to no downtime after the therapy. There are not many physical restrictions, and only minimum symptoms can be felt after the therapy such as minor bruising in the injected area and discomfort.

Providing Best Medical Care

The health and well-being of our patients and their health care team will always be our priority.

Rejuvenation at its finest

Consistent with its purpose, regenerative medicine replenishes the diseased tissues and organs to achieve optimal health. Administered by the experts in regenerative medicine, healthy cells extracted from the patients are migrated to other parts of the body that need restoration. Undergoing regenerative medicine accelerates the healing ability of the body so you can quickly recover. It also gives the patient a chance to live a healthy lifestyle and be mindful of what can potentially harm the organs.

It is highly recommended for any eligible candidate of regenerative medicine and therapies to choose a reputable institution for administering such. Now that we will need a potentially life-saving therapy to bring the condition of the body back to a healthy state, we cannot risk getting it done anywhere else. The South Florida Multispecialty Medical Group has some of the best medical experts in the field of regenerative medicine. We offer the best therapy according to what you need, and we provide intensive patient care to ensure your safety all throughout your therapy and medication.