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Sexual health is an important aspect of life that needs to be nurtured in a positive and supportive environment with your sexual partner. It entails respect for each other’s sexuality and fostering deeper connections with sexual relationships without having the feeling of being forced, discriminated against, or violated. Sexual health is more than just the body and sexuality that we are celebrating. We also need to acknowledge other aspects of life that may hinder good sexual health.

What is good sexual health?

Good sexual health is more than having yourself informed of the possible risks of unwanted pregnancy, acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, and sexually transmitted infections. Having good sexual health is also composed of being confident about your sexuality and your body and being able to communicate with your partner what makes you sexually functional without having the feeling of embarrassment. Having a health conversation about your risks for better management of physical and sexual health is also good for a couple. It is about recognizing that your mental, physical, emotional, and social situations can impact your progress in building a healthy sexuality.

South Florida Medical Group | Sexual Health
South Florida Medical Group | Sexual Health

What is bad sexual health?

On the other hand, having bad sexual health is when an individual refuses to recognize that uninformed sexual behaviors can put you at the risk of getting an unwanted pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. These actions are rooted in unopenness to your sexual partners about the risks of practicing unsafe sex, lack of access to treatments, and sexual partners not being ready to have a conversation about diseases and infections. Bad sexual health may also come with an element of force and deprivation of sexual rights. Having an abusive sexual partner will only affect your physical and mental well-being.

Side effects of bad sexual health

Most sexual partners experience difficulties in their sexual life, which, later on, affects their personal health and the relationship with their partner. Mental concerns such as trauma, depression, and body image concerns can affect an individual’s sexual functioning. If left unchecked, this could result in various sexual problems, such as low libido for both men and women. Men experiencing problems with their mental health could also have erectile dysfunction, which greatly contributes to the deterioration of one’s sexual relationship and sexual health. Changes in sex drive may be temporary, but when your partner has little to no interest in doing it with you, you need to have it checked immediately.

Let us treat you from the comfort of your home

Luckily, South Florida Medical Group offers wide range of medical services and treatments for our sexual health and other concerns. Men experiencing low libido and erectile dysfunction can check out the P – shot treatment. This procedure involves taking Platelet – Rich Plasma out of you body and injecting it to your penile tissue to stimulate better erections for males. They also perform hormone replacement therapies, PRP treatments, Intravenous infusions, Stem Cell Therapy, and many more. All of the procedures are clinically safe and effective to address your concerns within or beyond sexual health. Do not hesitate to talk to our experts at South Florida Multispecialty Medical Group we are here to help you.

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