It is well known that one’s nails play an important role in determining one’s health.The hints of complications can be as benign as vitamin deficiencies or as serious as those we can develop in our blood, heart, lungs, or even kidneys. They may show up through your nails. The changes in the appearance and texture of your nails may indicate that you need to get checked for any underlying problems. The nail itself is also vulnerable to infection. Though they serve as the first layer of defense for our fingers, the nails’ sturdiness is just not an exemption. Fungus may cause irritation and a change in the appearance of our nails. It is important that we take care of every single part of our body, including the ones we think of as insignificant. With that, nail health is just as important as overall health.

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South Florida Medical Group | Laser Nail Treatment

A laser nail treatment is recommended to take good care of your fingers and toes. The latest technology has offered a way to eradicate fungal infections without having to risk your body for any side effects. The laser treatment deactivates the fungus and spores that may develop into one by the thermal energy emitted by the lasers. This treatment also offers some significant benefits to you as the laser nail treatment is:

A Painless Treatment

Undergoing laser nail treatment will not require any form of anesthesia, so do not worry about injections. The light beams are not harmful to your toenails and only target the fungus that hides under them. Unlike any other treatments that may require you to remove a part of your toenail, the laser treatment effectively eradicates the problem at the surface without any discomfort for the patient.

No Risk, High Reward

The laser nail treatment is an effective way to address fungal infections without having to worry about any adverse reactions or side effects, as it has none at all. Unlike any medication, especially those that are taken orally, laser nail treatment does not cause complications to the organs of your body, which may lead to malfunctioning and failure.

No Downtime

It will only take approximately 15 minutes for you to finish the treatment. Depending on the recommendation of the experts, you may undergo multiple sessions, once each month, before you see the full results. The best thing is that you do not have to spend time in bed to recover as you can return to your normal activities right after the treatment because it is non-invasive.

Instant Relief

The laser treatment immediately kills the fungus underneath your toenails, which eradicates the discomfort caused by it. In the succeeding days, you may notice that the inflammation and the redness subside. Within 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the nail infection, you will witness your nail slowly going back to normal.

Nail fungi are quite noticeable in the eyes as the nails become yellowish if left untreated. The best thing you could do is to entrust your condition to the experts. Here at South Florida Multispecialty Medical Group, we offer the best services to meet the patient’s needs. We treat fungal infection in the nails and give the best and proper treatment with the use of modern technology in the medical field. Schedule your appointment and live your best life by restoring your nail health.

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