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Skin aging and body weight are probably two of the most concerning areas when it comes to body image. As you age, you will have a difficult time maintaining youthful skin as the skin loses its elasticity due to collagen loss. This has adverse effects on the physical appearance of our skin, making it blotchy, dry, and saggy. An additional year to your age would mean a decrease in your metabolism, resulting in an even harder task: managing your body weight. Unless you maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, looking at the weighing scale would not be much of a problem. But, if you are busy and lack physical activity due to your tremendous work or commitment to family, then you are probably struggling to shed some body fat.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The good news is that medical science has developed yet another promising treatment for your skin and weight issues. Hormone Replacement Therapy is a medical procedure in which a certain dose of hormones is administered to you to cover up all that you lose as you age. The dose of the hormones varies from patient to patient. It is recommended to talk to your general practitioner regarding on what hormone to take and how many dosages to take. They will also inform you of the qualifications for HRT. Usually, women sign up for hormonal replacement therapy. It is rare to see men undergoing this therapy, but it is possible, and when they do, it is because of testosterone deficiency. With that, the HRT hormones being administered are oestrogen, progestogen, and possibly, testosterone for men.

South Florida Medical Group | Hormone Replacement Therapy

The forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy medications usually come in the form of pills, patches, creams, tablets, rings, or pessaries. You can ask your GP about what form of medication suits you. With regards to the period of treatment, it is advisable to take the therapy for 3 months and evaluate if there are changes and adverse effects. After 3 months of HRT, your general practitioner may adjust the dose or change the hormone you are taking. While HRT originally treats effects of the postmenopausal stage such as lower sex drive, mood swings, hot flushes, hormonal deficiency, and so on, the effects of the treatment on skin aging and weight loss are remarkable. Studies have shown that while HRT treats hormonal deficiency, it also has great effects on the skin by improving its elasticity, hydration, and thickness. It can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles that make us look old.

What does Hormone Replacement Therapy Do?

Apart from that, this therapy can also increase metabolism. Oestrogen and testosterone are important components for weight loss and are present during the younger years. Providing the body with oestrogen for women and testosterone for men who are deficient in the aforementioned hormones can significantly help them lower their BMI and maintain a healthy weight. The presence of the previously stated hormones can also increase bone density, a problem that also arises in your later years. So, if you are considering hormone replacement therapy, talk to an expert and find a reputable clinic or medical institution to ensure your safety.

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